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Thread: I Have 2Tb Buffer

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    I Need:Czone inv or Tr inv or Blaccats acc
    I Have TL 2.5Tb buffer

    I Have TL inv
    I Needeepbassnine inv


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    I suggest U don't trade your TL account

    U can be banned
    so pls close the topic..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniMalistic View Post
    I suggest U don't trade your TL account

    U can be banned
    I don't want to stir something here but why can't he trade his account here?
    If he wants to trade that's his affair. I don't do it but that doesn't mean he can't.

    He buildup an account with a 2TB buffer, that's not bad. If he feels he don't need/want it anymore and likes to become a member in another tracker I don't really see the problem.

    Didn't he give the TL-community his 2TB of upload.

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    I suggest him not to trade the account. Instead he can giveaway to someone.. There will be someone who will definitely invite him to whatever he needs in future..

    I learnt one thing here is that try not to trade and start making friends and that really helps you... Moreover if some spy reports this to TL staff account will be disabled.. Please be careful.
    I am proud to be a part of this communities.

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    kg fresh account for blackcats


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