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Thread: Utorrent 1.7.7 Slows Down My Internet Surfing

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    When i was using the older versions i never had this problem, what could it be?

    I was wondering if there are any tweaks to make it lighter on resources.


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    Did u update utorrent recently?

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    I suppose you have XP SP2. Run this patch and increase the limit to 100

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    Is it heavy on resources (as in, hardware - RAM) or actual bandwidth?

    If resources, I would say that is very unusual as utorrent runs very smoothly on most average spec PCs. If this is a problem you need to post in the utorrent forum with specific details of your problem and hopefully one of the developers will have a solution for you.

    If bandwidth, then I would say the liklihood is that you are maxing out on utorrent download speeds (which is a good thing to show your torrents are downloading fast!) and leaving nothing left for the rest of your surfing.

    So, if you want to run utorrent in the background whilst you are active browsing or using your connection for other things then you need to simply limit the download speed in utorrent to something like 50% of your total bandwidth, leaving yourself 50% for other reasons (ie, if you can max download at 400kb/s, limit it to 200 or 300 whilst you need to use the internet for other things).

    L x

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    get this program, honestly it works wonders

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    I know what his talking about. Read this and it'll become clearer:
    I've had the same problem before, this solved it right away. And yes, it's a trusted site, don't worry, just follow the instructions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMike01 View Post
    get this program, honestly it works wonders
    How much do you make from these scam artists?
    Anyone with even a smidgen of network knowledge will tell you that no piece of software on your machine can possibly lower ping times from the rest of the world. Unless you own every piece of networking equipment between yourself and the server you are trying to reach, ping times are out of your control.
    It's just another POS BS like we've all seen before.
    Save yourself the 25 euros, and learn how to adjust your windows MTU and other settings yourself. is a good start.

    As for the original question, I'm suprised nobody has mentioned upload speeds.

    If you are maxing out your upload speed, your download speed will suffer on any asymmetric connection. When you request anything from the net, including web pages, it's sent in packets. Each packet needs to be aknowledged as being received by your machine, which means you have to upload some packets. When your upload is being saturated by utorrent, those packets are delayed, so the sending of the webpage is delayed at the other end waiting for ACK packets.

    If your upload speed in uT is anything near the total for your connection, make sure you set it so there is at least 5-10KB/s spare for browsing (plus a little overhead).
    If your ISP states your upload as 512kb/s, that's 64KB/s, so set uTs max upload to around 55 max.

    Finally, the TCP patch is not always a good thing. A lot of cheap (and some expensive) routers are known to become unstable with lots of connections being opened and closed. If you start pushing more connections through, your router could become unstable. If you're using ADSL in the UK, that will cause your BRAS profile rate to be lowered, which is what controls your connection speed. A lower BRAS profile rate means your downloads will then be limited by BTs servers, and there is nothing you can do from your end to fix that.

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    You dont happend to have a Linksys WRT54G / GS router do you?

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    Yeah version 1.7.7 made my pc lag like hell too.

    I found the solution though...

    Download the TCP patch and also change this setting in the pref to 4 like mine and you should be sorted.....

    After doing this my pc ran fine so good luck
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