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Thread: Need Help With Cd Mage For Fixing

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    Hi there, i have the splinter cell cd 1 2 and 3....

    1 and 3 are corrupted badly so i loaded cdmage and it detected over 200 for cd 1 and 2... when i pressed on fix button... it only fixed a few and said most of the sectors could not be fixed....

    please help me.... i need to know how to fix the bad sectors...

    i cant redownload the files again cause i got 56k....

    also, is there a better repairing program than cdmage>>>?


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    ok i guess you have done the repair corrupted sectors bit in cdmage and that has fixed a few errors, now go to action and select rebuild sector fields, this might/might not fix all the problems.

    with this process i have fixed 39,000 errors on 1 cd image before but sometimes it still doesnt like it so the only option you have is to re-download, but using another P2P program, not K++ because K++ is good for speed, but crap at error detection.

    anyway, hope this helps.



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