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Thread: NHL playoffs

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    Thought that I would start a hockey thread seeing that this forum is sadly lacking one.
    It's almost that time of year again for the toughest 2 months in professional sport
    and with the regular season winding down Canadian hockey hopes it seems lie mostly in the hands of Les Canadien.
    Ottawa after a great start, have had trouble in the locker room and real goal tending issues.
    Calgary relies too much on Iginla to carry the load.
    Vancouver isn't tough enough and Edmonton and my beloved Leafs are on the outside looking in.
    The mantle of favorites lies further to the south I'm afraid ,with a Western conference team the likely victor:Anaheim,San Jose and Dallas being the favorites.
    Will one of these teams emerge victorious or will an underdog find the mojo to win?

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    i donīt know anything about the NHL


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