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Thread: A program thats allows me to create and burn DVD's

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    I need a program that can help me create DVD's that allows me to burn at least 300 MB or more onto a DVD with a limit thats over 60 minutes on each disc. Any suggestions?

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    Nero,Roxio,Intervideo WinDvD,Cheetah,Sonic
    That is what you're asking,right?

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    i'm a bit confused by your question..... what are you trying to do exactly?

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    i wouldn't use nero for anything but music or isos... winavi or convertX would work also depending on what your doin....
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    yeah i use nero for pretty much everything.

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    I use Nero, i think is the best

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    Nero 's the easiest solution. But try to get a mini or a micro-version.
    The full version is packed with a bunch of useless features that you never gonna need if you're only going to burn DVD's.

    But your explanation is indeed not very clear. You speak about burning 300Mb on a DVD but a DVD5 is 4.5 GB and a DVD9 can hold up to 9GB so I guess that for burning 300 MB on a DVD every program will do fine.

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    What are you trying to do exactly?

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    Nero, Nero is great for everything with DVD's!!

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    Ashampoo 6.0 does everything I want it to, and without the moronic fuss that Nero comes along with.

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