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Thread: Anonymous P2p

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    Has anyone else tried any of the Anonymous P2P programs. I found ANONIP.COM that works with Kazaa and Lite. They don't tell you it will work, but everything that I've tried with the beta works great. I can use the program I like (Kazaa Lite) and not have to worry about the RIAA !

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    No I wouldn't bother

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    i wouldnt trust Anonymous P2P programs because they dont give you full portection.

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    There are things like W.A.S.T.E. and Freenet that use encryption and stuff, but nothing with a big enough following that it'd be of any real use.

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    yea i tried waste.. its too hard to find files without spending 1000 hrs socializeing.
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    you shouldnt NOT worry though. nothing is safe. just because you wear a seatbelt in the car doesn&#39;t mean some drunk guy isnt going to ram you


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