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Thread: Bittorrent/p2p friendly UK ISP 'Be There broadband' ?

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    Hi guys,
    I'm after some advice really, my local exchange has just been LLU'd and 'Be there' internet are offering 24MB/2.5Mb unlimited and a static IP for 22.50pm.

    I'm really tempted to go for it but i was wondering if anyone knew how bittorrent friendly there are? Or had any experience with their services?


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    Bethere have no caps in place reguarding bittorrent. Utorrent is running 24/7 on my PC and I havent had 1 complaint from Be about my usage.

    Speeds are great both up and down. The only complaint I have is the occasional disconnection. Can be very annoying when gaming online.

    Their tech support is also a free phone number, which is a big advantage over other ISP's.


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