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Thread: I really, need help with utorrent, its urgent

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    Okay this is basically the situation, here for the last 2 days l have joined up with 4 or so forums, l am having a problem with utorrent and winrar 3.71 (please refer below). Only 2 forums have answered me, but l didn't find the answers helpful at all, l need informative answers, and l am really, really hoping that someone can pinpoint just what the problem is (if possible), l have had to reformat my harddrive 3 times, starting from alst friday night, 3 days ago, l would be very, very grateful for an accurate answer, or as best as you can, and l am hoping that l can get an answer say roughly in the next 45 minutes. Plaese note that the original message was longer, but l decided to make it as short as l can.
    Please refer below to my problem. I should say im using firefox web browser, and windows vista (business), with a hp laptop (don't know if this helps)

    Refer below:

    I am trying to download a program called winrar 3.71, using Utorrent,
    the situation is just before downloading the 1.2 mb file, u torrent tells me that there are 5 different files/headings, including a KEYGEN FILE, so after downloading winrar, and opening the torrent with Utorrent, the keygen file does not appear, BUT, at the bottom of Utorrent where the FILES tab is, it has the keygen file there, so l right click on keygen file, and it comes up with the OPEN WITH option, so l chose to open it with UTORRENT, and now all my desktop icons have the utorrent icon on it, and l cannot open anything up, l can't even do a system restore, as well as this when l attempt to open up a program, or torrent files i've downloaded, l receive error messages like INVALID TORRENT FILE/S, and on a couple of occasions, l get another error message stating that ERROR-FILES MISSING, shortly after l download a torrent.
    I should say that l downlaoded the latest version of u torrent, just a couple of days ago.
    Thats basically it, could someone please give me an answer, hopefully soon, l need to solve this problem a.s.a.p.
    stay well

    P.S. I just want to get one with straight, can you open torrent files with u torrent, or not, some people say you can while others say you cannot, (im new to all this file sharing stuff, so excuse my ignorance)ciao

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    Do u have any antiviruses installed? Maybe your antivirus blocks the file.
    (Keygens most of the time are recognized as viruses/malware)
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    I agree with becomehokage probably your antivirus is blocking a keygen.You shouldn't be having any trouble otherwise.
    You could turn off your antivirus (not the safest idea) and see, or get winrar here
    Look under applications :miscellaneous

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    Your second problem is that you associated a non torrent file with utorrent. You basically told windows that every file on your computer that doesn't have a known program to open it is a torrent file to be used with utorrent. This could be a pain in the ass to fix.

    Maybe you should just reinstall windows? Cause now a lot of your .dll files, etc, are being considered utorrent files, if I am not mistaken
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    Start boot from windows vista cd or dvd.
    Choose repair windows. It should fix your problem without format.

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    Most releases are broken up into pieces using Winrar and since you don't have it installed that is why you were getting the Open with option.

    What you should of done is installed winrar trial version first from here-> and install it using all the default setting. Then when you download a torrent it will have all the five files in rar format and you can then extract them using winrar.

    Who knows maybe when you install winrar it might correct your file association since to me it sounds like you only associated your .rar files with utorrent.

    Utorrent just handles .torrent files which is the file extension Bit torrent uses to track were the actual files are at and were they are going.

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    Yup your file associations is screwed up. Just install Winrar trial version (It's free anyways and never expires) and that should fix the problem. If your files are still associated with utorrent.

    Just right click, open with, and re-associate your rar files with winrar(The installer should do that automatically) and desktop files with what program their associated with. I think your desktop files were all rars or utorrent torrent. files anyway. You should be good to go once installing the trial version of winrar.

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    Your file associations is screwed up. You must re-associate your files to fix your desktop problem.
    Try to look the finished downloads after stopped them and closed the uTorrent..

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    HI again, l just want to say thanks alot for the answers much appreciated, if l have any other problems apart from this one, l'll know where to come back to.
    Okay firstly just wanna say that l have low concentration and other problems (this has nothing to do with my intelligence), but from reading the answers it looks to me like l have 3 options

    (1) to do something about my anti virus which could be blocking the keygen file, (l am using Trend MIcro internet security 2008 PRO), but what should l disable/enable to make it work (if you dont know thats totally fine, this is a torrent forum, no relation to anti viruses, but if anyone does have an idea/solution then great.

    (2) Or should l just try the winrar program from the person who wrote the second last post (or something like that), and follow the instructions

    and of course the final thing l could do is reformat my harddrive, meaning install windows again, but l really don't want to do that, because it might be all for nothing,
    Any suggestions about what l wrote above
    again, im very thankful
    stay well


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