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Thread: Connect To Tv

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    i might get a new comp with a nvidia 5200. it has tv out, but i think it's only s-video. my tv doesn't have a s-video port. wat do i do?

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    get an s-video to rca adaptor

    there are a few posts about this, just do a search
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    s-video to RCA adapter cable should work, unless your video card is incompatible with simple adapter cables. not sure how common that problem is, but my Geforce4MX wouldn&#39;t display TV-out through an adapter cable.

    you should just go ahead and spend &#036;5 on the adapter cable first, and if that doesn&#39;t work then you may need a more sophisticated converter box.

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    They sell them at Radio Shack, that&#39;s were i got my S-Video to RCA converter.

    You do get the best picture if your TV has S-video input because there&#39;s no downgradeing.

    RCA just makes it hard to read fine text, so i use it to play PC games on my tv screen which is bigger than my 17" moniter.

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    any nividia 5200 card will come with an S-video to RCA cable adapter in the box, you juest need an RCA cable to hook it up, but like others said, it doesn&#39;t look very good unless you&#39;re watching a movie or playing a game. Its hard to read text.


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