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Thread: Charter Shut My Friend Off, Until He...

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    Honestly it wasnt me, it was my friend, no seriously....

    anyways, my friend does not share on Kazaa (the bastard) but he does download and the other day (about a week ago) he download the pirates of the carribian (might i add it ended up being a bogus file (a bogus movie file from way!!! lol)) anyways, he gets the file finds it to not work... a few days go by and he gets on his computer and his internet is shut off, he calls down to charter (our cable modem provider in town) and asks WTF, why why why, and they claim that because at such and such time on such and such day he downloaded pirates of the carribian and they shut him off, they tell him he needs to come down and sign some paper to get his internet turned back on, so he does, and they do ,.... what exactly happened here?..... i thought the people were just hunting down those who shared the illegal (??) files, how does charter know what he downloaded and why did they suspend his account until he signed some paper....

    any thoughts?, and should i just stop using this software...LOL-

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    man these ISP are pricks. I never Sign stuff unless I have full Knowlege. Tell him to read it over very carefully and also tell him to read over the ISP agreement he had to sign to get his connection to make sure Chater is doing the right thing. Man you need to tell that kid a lot of things like , firewalls, IP blocks , kazaa lite and this forum

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    Very typical automated scanning program case.
    Tell your friend to get ZoneAlarm,and this will never happen again EXCEPT the ISP is capable of simulating FastTrack protocol or is able to sniff your every package.

    Go to Imesh forum:

    An exactly same story.

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    a well
    What did the paper say?

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    somehow, with a name like registeringisgay.. i doubt hell be back.
    signature removed, check the boardrules.

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    Ah, the infamous &#39;sign your soul to the ISP&#39; deal, eh?

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    Um, i have charter cable, and nothing like that happened to me.

    They called me, saidi was sharing such and such a file, that i needed to stop, if i didnt, they would cut me off. so i had to remove the offending file, that was it. reminded me that piracy is a serious breach of their agreement, and basically hinted that downloading was fine, but sharing was not. then sent me a paper copy of the formal complaint, that was it.

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    Originally posted by Arm@5 August 2003 - 12:41
    What did the paper say?
    i honestly do not know what the paper said, i didn&#39;t feel it was my place to ask...

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    isp&#39;s, meh, they see all but care none until the riaa gets involved. snobby bastards


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