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Thread: Vob To Mpeg1?

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    n00b here, so go easy on me.

    I'd like to take movie trailers from DVDs and burn them to VCD and I'm having a bit of trouble. I know how to rip the .VOB files to my hard drive but I dunno how the heck to convert them to VCD format. There's plenty of file conversion software out there but all of it seems to deal with AVI to MPEG, DIVX, etc.

    Also, when I rip the VOB files to my hard drive (using DVD Decrypter) I'm also getting very small IFO files. What are these?

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    Go here and see u can figure it out.

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    that guide psoted above wil help you buta quick summary

    get smart ripper

    ripp it
    save the wav with DVD2avi
    the TMPGEnc will recagines your first vob file as the rest

    as I said read that guide it will walk you through step by step

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    I tried using DVD2AVI. Followed the directions to the word. After clicking save project all I get is a very small .d2v file (13kb) and no .wav file.

    I'm running XP btw, if that helps.


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