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Thread: Pls ---->Thor's Land invite

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    Disme's Avatar I'm Belgian BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Dec 2006
    Only just got in myself. If I get any invites in the future i'll let you know.

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    HDR's Avatar SEED.OR.DiE-GOT.iT ? BT Rep: +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55BT Rep +55
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    Feb 2008
    I can give you my account, since i don't understand french so i don't download anything.

    But i've uploaded a little (794MB)

    Download: 0.00 kB
    Upload: 794.69 MB
    Ratio: inf.
    Here's the proof in client (there's always some people which don't know what is seed and then flame the others):

    PM me if you're interested.

    EDIT: Account given. Close this since you don't need it anymore.
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