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Thread: Help With Ripping

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    A while ago I recd an e mail from Amber. There was a piece of software I could buy to record my movies onto regular CD-r's and play these in my DVD player. have lost the e mail, would it be possible for someone to tell me the name of the software I need.

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    there are several. I use Roxio 5. some ppl dont like it, but if its just to record music then its all you need

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    Well, if you want to rip & encode DVD's Use "Smart Ripper 2.4" to copy your DVD to your hard drive and "DVDx 2.2" to encode the DVD files (*.vob) to a *.avi or VCD. AVI is much smaller thoudh but you can't watch them on a DVD machine but you can watch VCD on a normal DVD Player. Only thing is Vcd is +- 3-4 cd's per movie where AVI is only one.


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