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Thread: Winrar Help

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    I switched over to WinRAR from WinZip recently. I want to create a self-extracting SFX archive file for some folders that should get extracted to the same location irrespective where the SFX file is uncompressed from. This can be done in WinZip by specifying the folder path that I wish to unzip the files.

    Selecting "Store fill paths" under "Files" in WinRAR uncompresses the folders with their full paths inside the SFX file location folder. For example if my SFX file is in "C:\Temp" folder and the original path is "C:\Program Files\Test" folder then the files are uncompressed into the "C:\Temp\Program Files\Test" folder and not to the original "C:\Program Files\Test" location. I'm sure this can be done since it is possible with WinZip and WinRAR is supposed to be more advanced.

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    Okay. I found it. It was under "SFX options" in Files.

    WinRAR is great. I love it. I see that you can even make installers with this program. It supports compressing for RAR and Zip (still de facto standard) and uncompressing for the most popular formats. It is therefore very fast and lite with no nonsense additions that slows down other programs unnecessarily.

    I liked WinZip too and would have stuck to it if it just had uncompressing support for RAR files.

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    I've had WinRar for like 2 years....perhaps more cant remember... Long live WinRAR!!!!!



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