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Thread: Riaa

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    Was looking at the questions and someone said the RIAA has started to flood kazaa with bad songs could we not start a list of dont download from
    I know they can change there name but theres2,oooooo of use how many of them are there just a thought


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    it seems that for every song created by the supervision of the RIAA, they will post a bad song on k-lite.
    there is no way of knowing if the song is bogus or not.
    probably the only way of knowing (and this isnt 100% either), is if the bandwidth of the user your downloading from is extremely high (4000-6000), and the download is going at 100-200 kb/s (if on 750k cable). this means its got alot of "empty data" and the song is bogus (fake).


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    but i heard that the RIAA will sew you if you let them download from you, is this true?

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    yes that right we have no way apart from the file size but if we could name the users in might slow them down as of yet i have not got 1 bad song but in time they will stop use if we dont fight back with somethink as for sueing us i dont know not heard of anyone as yet

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    Something like that ??

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    yep just like that somone said they can change there name in 10 sec's so what unless they know about this I for one think its a good starting place I will start useing it for sure lets hope other's do might not stop them but will slow them down


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