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Thread: Possible Revolutions Script

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    Don't know if it's 100% accurate, but it's something to go by.

    Okay, Neo's in Matrix "limbo" - somehow his mind got "jacked in" to a train stop outside the Matrix - the wild eyed guy in the Rev. trailer is the train man, controlled by the Merovingian. The Oracle tells Trin and Morph this and they threaten Merv (you're willing to die for this man?) and go and save Neo (who in the meantime has met some new characters and had a vision of three lines in the black dessert). Back in the real world now. Niobe gives Neo and Trinity the logos ship after the Hammer powers it up so they can go to the machine city (01) and try and save Zion. Meanwhile Bane (Smith) has awakened, killed the nurse and snuck into the Logos. The Hammer heads back to Zion to try and stop the sentinels with its emp as a last ditch effort, and soon realize Bane has killed, escaped and must be on the Logos - but it's too late to turn back and save Trin and Neo. Aboard the logos, Bane blinds Neo with an electrical conduit during a fight before Neo kills him (just after realizing he's smith inside) Trinity is beat up but okay to fly the ship, with Neo's "second sight" - he can somehow sense the machines life-force and "sees" them now. The Hammer tries to sneak back to Zion but the sentinels hear them and chase them all the way home. Meanwhile, Zion is getting the shiit kicked out of it by all the sentinels. The crippled Hammer crashes into Zion and blows it's EMP knocking out the remaining diggers and sentinels. Meanwhile the logos is on the surface, flying over/by the fetus fields and power plant, following three power lines to the city (like in his vision). In Zion, they are trying to restore power while evacuating to the deep tunnels and temple cave from Reloaded. More sentinels arrive in the defenseless Zion and jump start a digger to continue into the bowels of Zion and finish of the rest of it's people. Neo and Trinity have now crash landed into the machine city after fending off bigger, meaner sentinels and an armada of huge ships shooting shrimp bombs like from Reloaded. Trinity dies from the crash and Neo goes on to confront a huge godlike machine that he makes a deal with to confront smith and save the matrix (and the Ai's ?) from being taken over (smith has altered the matrix and cloned himself into everyone). Back in Zion the sentinels stop their attack at the last minute and wait. The ai's jack Neo in and he fights smith, smith wins (neo pretends to lose or fights long enough to prove he tried) and takes him over, but the new clone freaks out, (the machine city ai has a direct link to smith now) explodes and all the smiths explode or something... Neo dies as a result and is hauled off by the AI's to who knows where. Everyone rejoices and the matrix get's reloaded with a truce between man and machine.

    "what about morpheus, the council and previous ones?"
    - morpheus navigates the hammer for niobe (the best driver- I think ghost must be manning the guns) and faces off with the sentinels at the opening to the zion temple (story boards of this was spoiled a couple years ago), he may take part in a fight to save neo, but that's about it - (he lives). i don't remember the council being mentioned or anything about previous ones

    "What about the kid"
    - he plays an important role durring the battle by manning a fallen mech and shooting a chain on the zion dock door at the last second, allowing it to open so the hammer can enter zion and use its emp. - he lives

    -no cypher, no matrix within a matrix, no phone booth scene from matrix one.

    -seraph(puts up a good fight),oracle,important child (mentioned in game)...all taken over by smith

    >>who does morph talk about when he says ''he fights for us'' in the trailer

    -he's talking with niobe who's also (watching a matrix code screen?) - I'm confused by this becuase I was told morpheus realizes that it must be something neo is doing to keep the sentinels from finishing everyone off in the temple, but it looks like he's watching a monitor or something, regardless, he should be with the other citizens of zion in the temple as a last stand.

    >>do you know who the child of great importance is that the oracle spoke of in the game? or what happens to ghost and noibe?

    -that is a child of two programs controlled by the merovingian, they leave her under the oracle's and seraph's protection, but they all get taken over by smith -neo meet's her and her parent programs at the train stop when he is in limbo.

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    anyone think it's legit, sounds somewhat believable but I don't know.

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