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Thread: TehConnection - how is it?

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    I read the introduction of TC in other place and it seems extremely promising. They had a unique idea to launch this new site.
    And I look at the Commmunity Reps thread, they do have a strong staff team.
    I heard this new tracker is going to be open very soon. Is here any tester or uploader can share with us some information how is it? Thanks!

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    At your place!

    the site admin says to suck his dick, for an invite taht is

    i think he likes gaybois and Ramsay

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    I Run It
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    New Jersey
    talked to the staff and stuff, looks awesome, but the sysadmins seem to hate fst..


    Lets be honest
    , starting a torrent tracker isnt very hard nowadays, it could be setup in less than 30 minutes if you have the knowledge to do so. But after the tracker in online, the question soon becomes... what is so special about this tracker?.... What sets this tracker apart the other hundred trackers out there?.. Is this tracker the right place for me? For most torrenters its as easy as saying ... "S*C, S*T, F*N, etc. What more do I need?".

    Well, all these trackers have something in common, 0-day. And all the new trackers popping up day after day.. same thing, 0-Day. We don't know about you, but we're getting tired of it. Well let us tell you the future, the future is NICHE Trackers and that is what TC is all about. It wont be uploading the standard categories, it will be focusing on something that the staff enjoy alot, Movies. Movies, movies and more movies, this is what we are all about! We are all about the love of movies. To put it simply, Ill use a quote from Sturner16 a Global Moderator here at TC... "Imagine the late OiNK (RIP), now imagine OiNK as an all movie tracker... there you go, you have TC!"

    Our categories will include the following:


    Now, some of you might be thinking, this is all good and what not, but I need alot of seeders and leechers! I dont want to join another tracker with 1 seeder and no leechers on every single torrent. Well we aren't going for the "1337" status as many trackers choose to sway towards, we are about doing things BIG, so what do we do to solve this?

    We Open Signup till 50,000 users! Invite till 75,000!

    But you say, even a big userbase cant help with my upload speed :`(
    What do we say?


    We dont care what you upload speed is, but if you can bring a unique torrent to TC that the members would enjoy, then you have the right to upload and seed it as much as you want!

    Another big issue in the life of torrents nowadays in Security. Well look no further, we ourselves are very security minded, so we have done our best to make TC a safe tracker. We host in Canada (Oh Canadaaa) one of the few countries in the world, where torrents are legal! In the datacenter we will be hosting in, they have an estimated 25-30 private torrent sites online and over 100 public torrent trackers. To top it all off, we have a secure private cage/rack available to us whenever needed! How does the cage protect us, well apart for the biometric scans and card key access you need to enter the faciility, it will be located in an undetermined section of the massive datacenter.

    ~ So for anyone including any legal figures to determine the correct location of the web and database server, let alone access the facility is near impossible! ~

    So getting hyped, huh? Well we aren't done yet!

    We have worked on this tracker for months, making everything what we determine perfection. And we aren't using a TBSource, TBDev, etc source anymore, we make and use our own. A custom source built from scratch, so everything is the way we want it. We coded it so incase of any problems (god forbid) all users are 100% protected. You are what we call Untouchable!

    So thats alot for information so sustain, but hes some more facts we thought you'd like to know.

    The User Classes and Promotions:

    Site Operator
    Global Moderator ===================> Appointed By Site Operator
    Moderator ==========================> Appointed By Site Operator
    ViP//Community Staff = Teh Legend ==> Appointed By Site Operator
    Uploader ===========================> Appointed By Site Operator/Global Moderator
    Power User 3 = Teh Producer ========> Promoted at 25 Weeks + 1024GB Upload, Ratio over 3.50
    Power User 2 = Teh Director=========> Promoted at 20 Weeks + 500GB Upload, Ratio over 3.00
    Power User 1 = Teh Actor============> Promoted at 15 Weeks + 250GB Upload, Ratio over 2.50
    Power User = Teh Fanatic============> Promoted at 4 Weeks + 50GB Upload, Ratio over 1.25
    User = Member ======================> Default User Class

    And to finish off, we aligned ourselves with staff who know how to get things done.. staff who know how to make a difference..

    Thanks for Reading
    Yours Truly,
    The TC Team
    ( Zeitgeist, NETX, olz, 3NC3R, Future, Ramsay, Seppypom, BangBangJen, Fiskars, Hockeyman, Lance04, Nuget, Slipk, Zallycat and WizzCameron )


      US HUB
      EU LEAF

      Channel: #TehConnection

    1. .. Sysops ..
    2. Zeitgeist
    3. NETX
    4. olz
    5. 3NC3R

    1. .. Global Moderators ..
    2. Ramsay
    3. Seppypom
    4. Future

    1. .. Moderators ..
    2. BangBangJen
    3. Fiskars
    4. Hockeyman
    5. Lance04
    6. Nuget
    7. Slipk
    8. Zallycat
    9. WizzCameron
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    I was thinking you're the staff of TC, aren't you?

    Yep. I have read the same information since January. The ETA was about Febuary but it delayed untill now. I'm a movie person and I cant wait to see this new tracker!
    Did you get in now? How is it?

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    I Run It
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    New Jersey
    no im an uploader

    and i cant wait for it to open aswell. Like you said, it looks promising

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    whiteyes's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +22BT Rep +22BT Rep +22BT Rep +22BT Rep +22
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    Dec 2006
    Oops, I was thinkling you're some other guy. Sorry.
    And thanks your information!
    I can just wait and see.

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    This tracker sounds awesome.

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    singing_sol's Avatar ftn lover!!! BT Rep: +18BT Rep +18BT Rep +18BT Rep +18
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    Oct 2007
    hey is it for us guys or to be open all over the world

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    are invites in circulation?

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    WOW! onik but with dreams have come true. i cant F'N wait!!!!!

    OPEN, OPEN, OPEN!!!!

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