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Thread: Adobe After Effects 6.0

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    I downloaded a 84 mb. version off of Shareaza, but ended up being an "invalid archive"..

    After Effects 6.0 retail is out, has anyone seen it for download yet? Can't find it on Mirc either...


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    When looking up for Adobe Premiere 6.5 I also found some latest
    Adobe After Effects Files :) on Kazaa in August :)

    If you cannot find it, try another supernode to which users are connected
    or nearer wo have it :)

    Otherwise be sure to tried out: 1.Kazaa (different supernodes, an automatic
    unlimited searches, cause you find more sources when searching all the time after
    a while), 2.Soulseek (, it is not just for music!!), 3.Imesh, 4.Asked some
    good relatives :)

    Otherwise read a book, relax until someone will offer it :)
    Or if something is really hard to find buy it by your own and offer it other
    people so they can get it easier :) I did the same with the hard to find
    CD sdtrck "A thousand Acres" by Richard Hartley :)

    thanks anyway, david.

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    I got After Effects 6 from edonkey (using emule)... there are lots of sources already. If you can't wait for it to spread on kazaa, try there.

    Otherwise, there is also currently a large number of peers for that file on the bittorrent network. Its available on the suprnova tracker.



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