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Thread: How to download from

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    I found scene mp3 releases on but I can't read russian. Do you have to pay to download from there? They ask for a login and password when clicking download links. Does anyone happen to have one to share if it's free?


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    Yes you have to pay, it's kind of a download store.. and i think it's not about scene releases.

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    i'am from russian
    if you want i'can help you buy albums from recordings just pm me
    recordings good site but i use
    it is good alternative of recordings. Site in english
    let me know what is album you want to buy?

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    i download lot of NFO's & SFV there at for free
    with a good proxy, but then u gotta edit them and take off those stupid tags...

    shit this topic was old lol
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    hey, $SnoopDo2G$ !!
    how did you get the SFV files from there?
    please gimme some instructions.

    PS: i searched hard, but only foud the nfo - but i don't speek russian...
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    i'm @ trancetraffic + stmusic + elektronik + torrentech + deepbassnine + what + sceneaccess


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