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Thread: Nintendo DS Rom Torrent Tracker

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    What is the best Nintendo DS Rom torrent tracker. I have found some regular direct download sites but they are usually hard to navigate and want you to buy into their point system. It is also nice having a community to go to if you have problems. I just got my M3 and I need some roms for it. I am especially looking for japanese ones if that makes any difference.


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    RevTT has a nice set of Rom-packs, Bitgamer and ntorrents too.

    There are some very decent Http-rom sites around:

    Some of them are

    The first one is my favorite.

    Happy 'hunting'.

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    Is there any chance of getting an invite to RevTT, Bitgamer, or ntorrents. The https site at the top is good but the forums are in a foriegn language and I like the community aspect of a torrent tracker site. I can provide speedtests and ratios if anyone can help me out


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    TL has a full set of ROMs as well, well seeded & much much easier to seed back.
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    Man another reason why I need to find a tl invite hehe

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    Ths Disme, i know a lot of site with NDS rom, but in general is a rapidshare link, but romsite host the rom on their site... very good

    Anyway, another good site is
    there's much more that NDS roms

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    Average Download: 369.8 kB/s
    Average Upload: 80.8 kB/s

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    You don't need a private site for NDS ROMS - you can DL them from meta trackers like in packs. When I downloaded them a month ago, all torrents were available in bundles. Also, a cool feature was that many were available in English Only packs...I could then select the few Japanese ones I wanted individually.

    Also, I use these two sites together - no credits needed. I use the first site to locate what I want, check ratings, get NDS Rom numbers, etc. I use the 2nd to DL the NDS Roms directly.

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    Well, NTorrents has just about all I think. Along with bitGamer, BCG, etc.

    I personally don't use torrent site for DS roms(they're too small, and I don't down them in packs). I use Romulation for all my DS games. It's an http site with really good speeds, and ran by some nice people. They're always up to date too, and very fast with all the new releases.

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    nTorrents is the best, imo

    They're upping 1 and 1 until it reaches 10. They delete the 10 singles and up a 10-pack. This goes on until a 50-pack, then a 100-pack.

    They have the No-Intro pack as well, with close to 45GB of NDS-games, all ever released.


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