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Thread: X-man 2 Video Problems

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    I have downloaded the x-man 2 movie. When I try to view it (Window media player, Radlight) the video stuck, but the sound still goes okay, and you can skip parts, like it has no problem.
    In VirtualDub, I can see the video. I tried saving it in different Codec so my computer will be able to see it, but with no effect.
    I'm using win xp home with Xvid and Nimo codec packs
    Can any one help?

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    If the overall qualitity is crap then changeing the codec, or decodeing it..etc will have no efect, best think to do is downlaod a different one, bear in mind that the xmen 2 screanser hasent came out yet, so they will be pritty dam crap qualitity, for a few weeks yet.


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