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Thread: Halflife For Dc Burning Question

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    i downloaded halflife for dreamcast it extracted just fine into a .nrg file but when i go to burn it with nero it says "unexepected exception"? does anyone know what this means and is it fixable.

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    Jul 2003
    Half Life for DreamCast doesn't even exist, they dropped the project and made the PS2 Version...

    EDIT: Now i know is not a fake so i removed that!

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    wanna bet !?, I downloaded it fine and played it fine!, its not a fake, the one on suprnova isnt anyway

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    Yes, this game does exist. It just was never released much like the Thrill Kill game for PSX that you can find floating around the net.

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    Jul 2003
    If its from then it's real, i don't remember that game out, i read a mag that said it never came out....

    So they were wrong, so did i....

    I just Love how people always find the way to share things you never though they would...

    KEEP SHARING!!!!!!!!

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    simmonz u do have a woking copy of halflife for the dreamcast? what size is the file on supernova?

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    fuckin a i loved this game on pc i wish it was on dreamcast

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    HL for DC is pretty neat. it looks just like the PC version... except it pauses a LOT to load new portions of the maps. might have something to do with why they abandoned the release.


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