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Thread: Question Bout Burning Bins And Cues To Dvd-r

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    ok got a movie in bins and cues,if i use isobuster to extract the mpg file then use tmpge to encode it to mpg2 will it work in a stanalone dvd player without being out of sync ?

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    If the movie is already in bin/cue, you don't need to extract the mpg to play in a dvd player, it is already in video cd format. Encoding to mpg2 will change VCD to SVCD - not necessarily more playable.

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    I assume that the reason that you are aking is because you want to burn to a dvd-r, so you do not want to waste all of the space by just burning that one file. You can extract the mpg, but you will not need to reencode as nikki said. Unless you want it in a diffrent file type.
    Everything should be fine there.

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    k well i tried burning the file after extracting the file but it has sync problems.why would that be ?


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