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Thread: Searching For Os X

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    where can i get this or who have one who like to share,thanks

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    Do you have a already existing Macintosh computer?

    If not, you cannot run Mac OS X.

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    i do have imac G4

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    pls. help

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    try looking on emule.

    just done a search under global(server), and for cd images, with keywords, mac os and it came up with os x.2 jaguar. or something so it is there. oh its 3cds.

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    i tried but it said login request fail apear to be full
    i have only 2 server showing up
    ans both are full

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    Download the server .met and paste it in to the emule program files. It doesn't matter if the server is busy, so many people hop aropund. Just keep hammering it till you connect. Razorback and silent bob are both good sources. Portal pirata is also good but a lot of english appearing files will be in spanish.

    Paste one of these URLs from this link into the server update field and it should get you the complete list.


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