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Thread: Twin Peaks

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    I have heard alot about 'twin peaks' by David Lynch and would love to watch some episode.

    Since I am not familiar what twin peaks, I need ur help to know which episodes to download.

    I also know that there is a movie 'fire walk with me'. is it good?

    any info appreciated

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    I just would start with the 1st episode, if you like that, you can go from there....

    Fire, walk with me was a "sequel" to the series. For diehards.

    Though sometimes he's too arty arty for me, i saw all his flicks and love his style.

    Have fun!!


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    Twin Peaks is ideal if u like weird and sumthing diffrent...

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    There's a lot of episodes to download....First You need The Pilot

    Some good links:


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    I actually bought the first season on DVD because I still don't think capitalism is that wierd. But beware the pilot episode in not with it, cute huh? I'm sure i'll end up buying that someday as well if it ever gets released.

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    Artisan didn't include the pilot with the u.s. set... but the company that released the european set included it.

    you can get it separately... i think on a region 0 dvd from Asia (look around on ebay, i guess). from what i've heard, the quality isn't awesome, but it's acceptable.

    i've read that the Fire Walk With Me dvd was originally intended to have a heap of deleted scenes, since david lynch has a long-running habit of filming much more story than he or the producers could possibly allow into the final cut. i wonder if that'll ever happen. even better, it would be great if he could get a director's cut put together.

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    Fire Walk With Me was released after the 2nd and final season of Twin Peaks.
    Its meant to be a prequel but you won't have a clue whats happening unless you've already watched the serial.
    You need to get all the episodes (24, I think) to stand a chance of making any sense of the thing.
    Its hard enough understanding it even if you've watched it all.
    It is rewarding though. David Lynch rocks.

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    Also, Sherylin Fenn is worth the download alone.
    And, under no circumstances let anyone tell you who killed Laura Palmer until you've watch all of the first season.

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    chrish123171 , where did you get that picture you got where it says "she's mine" , please tell us

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    thanks for the replies.

    I have done a search in Klite for 'twin peaks' and i can see some episodes.

    Should I start downloading from episode 1.

    The size of each episode is abut 150MB. Is this right.

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