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Thread: Would like TorrentLeech

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    Hey, I would like a TorrentLeech invite. I used to be a member there but there was a Blackcats free registration around Halloween, and when I signed up there all my other torrent accounts got deleted. I guess it was a scam - stupid me for using same password everywhere.

    So I'd like to get back into TL now that I have a seedbox. I realize I probably won't get it for free, but hey it's spring time and someone might be feeling nice. I don't have much to trade, so kind of hoping for someone with a kind heart. Plus, like I said, I have just gotten a seedbox so I know I will be able to take advantage of the site, which I previously couldn't do. I have amassed a 50GB buffer in TVTorrents in 1 day, and that's with only two torrents seeding.

    I fully expect people to make fun of my request for a free TL invite, but I don't know. I'm optimistic

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