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Thread: Drum Kit-lost Tuning Sheet

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    damn this is annoying ive done this loads of times ive lost the sheet which tells u how many times u should turn the skin on the drums

    so please please can someone tell me how many times to turn skins on a
    16,14 and 18 inch drum

    its a Pearl EXport select kit if that helps


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    I've seen a guy tuning drums on soundcheck, by ear, no schematics or tuner,
    he got a note, pitch from the pianist.
    Means, the drums is tuned to a pitch, a note.
    Can tell you it sounded 1000 better after he was done.
    Dont know how many times he turned but my point is it can vary,
    just like tuning pegs in guitar, one dont set up a string, turn it 50 times
    and thats it...
    It has to sound good, be in pitch in my opinion.
    But then again, im no drummer.

    Gotta remember to ask a drummer next time how they do it.

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