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Thread: Just Downloaded American Wedding...

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    open it to watch?

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    Thats an ISO so you can burn it as a VCD and play it in your DVD player but if you want to watch it in your PC you have to dl ISOBUSTER and convert the Bin to a MPG...

    By the way... Where did you got the movie i want to dl it?

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    Man, search the board before u post damn . I am too nice, look here take that .bin and get a program called WinIso and select the .bin and extract the file when it ask what to save it as just save the avseq.dat to aveseq.mpg and watch it.

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    btw where did you get american wedding, ive been trying to get it for a while now.
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    I got it from

    And thanks guys, where can i get that program from?


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