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Thread: Changing I.s.p In The Uk

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    i am using aol broadband in the uk. ( yes i can here you all laughing )

    my contract is finishing soon so i can change I.S.P.

    my question is i only have a B.T phone line so cable broadband is not an option for me, is there anyone using other I.S.P on a B.T phone line if so can you post which service you have and is it any good.....
    i am looking a VIRGIN.NET. at the moment it seams like a good deal..


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    i use freeserve broadband 27.99 a month. get download speeds of 65+, is always active. id go for that

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    ntl has a good service, i had dial up with bt, then went to a 150k (17.99/month) service with ntl downloading at 15kb/s.
    then i upgraded, still with ntl on their 600k service - 25 quid a month and my d/l's now average about 60kb/s

    edit - the installation is free, have a look here

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    checkout for a comprehensive comparison...personally, PlusNet is the best for me...about 22 for 512/256 but their 1M and 2M have recently been introduced and are pretty cheap.

    there is no min contract, so youre free to do whatever you want
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