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Thread: just starting

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    so I just signed up for free three day 10 gig download at giganews and I am already stick. I have looked at the tutorials and am lost!
    I have download grabit, usenet grab and newsleecher and all I want to do is download a game!
    I searched with newsleecher I found I file I wanted and it said I needed to pay for the program to use that feature. same with GrabIt!

    I'm staring remember why I like bitorrent so much

    any help would be appreciated

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    Newsleecher and its Super Search Service are not free, it's just only allowed you to see the search result from trial version, pm me and I'll let you borrow my license.

    You search that game on or, then generate .nzb file from the result, open the .nzb file and finally download it with Newsleecher or Grabit.

    .nzb file contains information about files of the game, just like .torrent

    Note: I fixed my mistake which is not, thanks EyeBaller.
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    It's not .org

    Gish, just search for whatever you need on that website.. find the files you need and generate an .nzb file to open with grabit.

    PM me if you need more help.

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    If you have IRC, pm me a nick and a network.. i'll give you all the help you need

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    Easiest way is to open a ready made NZB (think of in similar terms to a torrent file) and download.

    Now you can either use a NZB listing site where people upload these files (equiv to thepiratebay, torrentreactor etc)

    Or use a search engine to find if its being posted.
    You can browse the likes of

    or indeed if you know the name of the game
    simply search for it
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