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Thread: Freddy Vs Jason

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    Does anybody know roughly an accurate date? the suspense is killing me and alot of horror fans

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    There is never a specific date on a movie getting on the net. It can come out before the movie or the day after it hits theaters

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    Yeah its a little like predicting the weather...It depends on who's grabbin a hold of the source copy, did they get it from a private screening..all stuff like that (e.g. the guy who gotta hold of the 1st Hulk copy was someone involved with Universal studios themselves..If u watch that copy u can see that some of the CGI is still that is probably the earliest type release u could get..and boy did that poor dude get a f***in)..other than that u normally get them in this order..Cam version, then Telesyncs (that gradually improve as teams like Centropy encode em), then Screeners (i think), then Telecines (that can pretty much look like a DVD rip) then lastly y'get ya DVD rips and shit like that....Hope that 3 page written essay helped some!!!!
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    all u need is patience

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    Originally posted by MetroStars@5 August 2003 - 22:37
    all u need is patience
    ...said the Doctor to the Nurse..LOL..
    I got Booted from Xbox Scene Forum...Proud??...You Betcha!!

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    geeze what a question. i love questions like these. its just know....
    knowing that my inteligence surpases most human beings such as the questioning questioner and so forth. well

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    Well That1dude, to bad your "inteligence" doesn't include a spell check feature

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    the more you ask about it... the longer it will take to come out... is your friend... use it.


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