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Thread: Brokenstones

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    Hi All,

    Anybody got a invite for brokenstones for me ?

    Thank you.


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    anybody ?

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    Andy brokenstones invites are available again but when I checked mine this message popped up.


    We do not want to see invite threads/posts on other boards! We will be actively scanning all the boards (yes, we're pretty sure we know of all of them) for these types of threads. Participating in these threads puts everyone here at risk and proves that you are not responsible enough to stay here. So:

    ANYONE found participating in these threads will be banned. We will invesitgate all new signups and if they are found to be from one of these threads/posts, we will disable their account and the person who invited them".

    I don't think anyone is willing to risk their account to give you an invite.
    I'm sorry I wish that I could help.


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