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Thread: My Odds

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    Theoretically, of course...

    What are my odds of getting picked off by the RIAA: I use all security settings available in K-Lite, I have Peerguardian, ZA Firewall, Non-Anon Socks5 Proxy located in China, Share only non-copywrited music, and download copywrited music...

    Also, when I theoretically set up my filesharing server and password protect it...can the RIAA legally break into it and see my files, or is it against the law for them to do that?

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    Ad.1. You want to hack into GRU's or Pentagon's main server or something ??? ;P
    BTW. nice precauseons. To be honest, your odds are quite low. China ?!?.

    Ad.2. Yes, they can. IF (&#33 they have a court order they can. Tough luck, aye. :/

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    1. Don't give yerself a heart attack.

    2. Not sure what the legality is exactly. If they have to crack your pass, that would(should) require some extra permission, if you're flashing it around it might not.

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    1. I'm thinking of a number between one and 50,000. Can you guess it?

    2. Since when can the RIAA hack into the computer and arrest you for files that they find? For all those motherfuckers know, you could legally own every single fucking one of those files. The law still does allow you to change the format and make backup copies of everything which you legally own. I highly doubt that it recently became illegal for you to take 30 CD collection and convert them into a format that you can burn onto a single CD. And I HIGHLY doubt they can arrest you just because you forgot to delete these files off you computer.

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    you will win loto first to pay the fines

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    your odds are good. nothing worry about.

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    There are an estimated 200 million file sharers. If you share a little it goes a long way, but it wont make you a target.


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