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Thread: Computer Fares

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    i have a few computer fairs operating in my area but im a little uneasy about goin to one cuz ill end up buying sumthing and i fear it will be faulty and i cant take it back or get a straight forward refund.
    my friend brought a p4 motherboard and cpu package and when he got it home it didnt boot up for a week of us tweaking it and after we got it working it turns out that his "p4 1.8@ was an overclocked p4 1.4 and hes had nothing but trouble from it ever since
    things like cd-rw and cases id buy from ther but other than that im gonna go to retail stores and independent retailers

    has any1 had any bad experiences with pc fares in the uk and can i have some tips to spot the legit traders and spotting the raw deals

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    ive been to a few myself, not bought anything so not to sure of the reliability, but from what i remember half the stalls were from local computer shops around the area anyway.

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    there is nothing wrong with computer fairs, you can still get a refund,the stall you bought it off should give you a reciept so unless you bought a piece of equipment that was advertised as faulty you should be fine, the people that operate at the computer fairs around where i am are retail stores and independent retailers that are well known around here, and in the computer fair where you are the chances are there will be a lot of retail stores and independent retailers from around your area.

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    i love going to them, so much to buy wishing i had more money. ebay is easier though these days dont even have to leave my house.


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