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Thread: tvtorrents giveaway

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    hey everyone...i've been away for a while, so I thought I'd do a giveaway.

    I'm giving away 2 invites to with 10GB of credits each to help get you started. It's a great site for tv shows, and I find myself using it more than bitmetv now; the content is great and it is much easier to seed on there.

    This giveaway is open to all respectful members of the community, post in this thread why you think deserve an invite, and I'll pick the two most worthy when I wake up tomorrow
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    Great giveaway. It's an awesome site, and one of my favorites. And the fact you're hooking up the two invitees with 10gb each, is a really cool thing.

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    just trying my luck

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    Great giveaway. I'd like to put in my bid for an invitation on the grounds that if blessed with an invite I will put my account to good use. I recently built an home theater PC and have been attempting to fill it's HDDs with quality 720p rips of some of my favorite shows (The Office, Weeds, Entourage). Thus far I've been using scene trackers for HDTV, but non-scene material is hard to come by. Tvtorrents is known to have a large amount of 720p rips, and thus why I'm looking for an invite.

    I'm not a cheater/trader. I keep good ratios on all the trackers I have, and I have a FIOS connection.

    But enough of this personal ad. Hah.


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