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Thread: Where can I find This?

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    Thanks for lookin. Hope someone can help me find something I'm wracking my brains searching for.

    Looking for torrents for DVDR preferably, but would even take a good quality XVID of:

    "Adventure Bound" series "World Safari" or anything by "Alby Mangels".

    It was on Outdoor Life Network in the U.S. ~6 yrs ago maybe.
    He's a crackpot bricklayer who bailed on his job (in the late 70s?) and bought a boat to pop around the south pacific and film his adventures. In one episode, some old lady wants him to fly a plane for her from NZ to Aussie or somethin like that. It's all buried under hay for years, so he puts duct tape on it and a couple of rubber bands and flies it away for her. Guy crashes a chopper chasing giraffes or some sh*t and burns his boat down. I love that kid!

    Always had hot chicks with him, real Jimmy Buffett style livin'.
    Found one thing on a pub tracker metasearch (checked IsoHunt and Scrapetorrent), but dead on seeds.
    I love his stuff, and trying to make a DVD for an uncle of mine who's laid up in the hospital.

    Crossing fingers one of you geniuses can help me with ideas, either pointing me to a tracker that has it, or better yet a torrent or torrents.

    Mille Grazie.

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    Let me know if you find any "Adventure Bound" files as I am also looking.

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    try zamunda or demonoid or thepiratebay trackers


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