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Thread: Virus Download

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    not sure how to work all this but i downloaded a file not sure of name it went off to fast. it was download # 10601185564737312.dat it has w32.kwbot f worm virus in it norton caught it but could not repair file seems pretty bad when file sharers put virus's in for downloads

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    Not a very good topic for your first post but I have to remember that u are new yeah don't try to repair it, delete it, its just a virus It's alot of viruses in files just use this forum and clik on verified hashes and see if u can find what u want or go here

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    well done you for having an av in first place, if everyone who uses p2p had an av installed there wouldnt be the issue of viruses like there is now (virusus... its my mission to get the message across about usin an av , i dont care if im being repetitive )


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