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Thread: Looking For Some Music On Torrent, No Luck...

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    Hi, i am looking for some material from "Anthill Mob" on torrent, DB9 has some, i grabbed one vinyl, but the other 3 have no seeds at all, so its impossible to download

    Anthill Mob are old school garage, and im wondering if anyone has a tracker with any Anthill Mob material on?

    If so, what stuff? And what tracker?

    Thanks in advanced, not sure if this is the right section though, but im looking for some vinyls, there rare and hard to find


    RevTT, SweDVDr, iTS, DB9, SCT
    Looking For: FTN, U*-*

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    Not on , , , !

    oh and not on the pirate bay !!

    good luck though ...

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    Dubstepper, can you tell me please is that actually you on your profile picture ????
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