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Thread: How Unrealistic Are Movies? Lol

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    ive just had an hour and a hlaf convo with a friend about how unrealistic just about ANYTHING in the movie world is... so i thought id bring it here to see whateveryone elses views were

    anyways, the main things ive been wondering about are:

    STAR WARS:- ok.. so you have some nice beasty laser cannons, which alone are feasable(ish) as weapons... considering starwars is set a few thousand years in the future, it can be let off for the fact that a laser capable of destroying something at long distances would melt whatever casing housed it... since there could be some nice new alloys in that time.... HOWEVER - why the fuck does it make a noise when it is fired in space???????? sound needs air to travel in space there is 1 atom of hydrogen per 100 cubic meters ... thats not enough atoms for sound to travel....


    a) why the fuck would anyone in the future, creat a cool as fuck robot and then dress it up as a 55 year old man? if you were gonna dress it up you'd make it look younger... the sexy woman terminator makes up for this point however.. so ill go on to b

    B) why does a robot need a blood supply??? ok, if it was for realism then i could understand... but when he gets cuts on his face theres liquid metal showing in the centre of the scars... so wtf does the blood do?

    c) using infra red light for vision y the hell would he wear sunglasses??? theres little enough infra red light shone out as it is... he must be blind as a bastard when he puts them on

    d) he has his head chopped almost completely off at one point... considering that terminator is a solid metal robot.. how does he manage to replace his head keeping it fully funcional, and without leaving joining scars? to do that for real he'd need an arc welder... even then hed do more damage than correction...

    i could go on forever about things like that in films but ill leave it there for now

    post replies.... what are your views and observations?


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    you'd get a better response in MovieWorld, this thread is likely to get hijacked, and although that happens frequently in movies, it doesn't come close to how often it happens in the lounge.

    Firstly, about laser weapons, it's for effect. it'd look weird if they didn't make a noise, the same way a lot of films have noisy explosions in space - it's just for effect. we aren't used to explosions being silent. note the parts highlighted in bold in the following text..

    No, this isn't about the "Star Wars" missile defense program, these are for our fighter planes. Written by Sue Vorenberg, of the Albuquerque Tribune.

    "Star Wars" laser battles might have happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but for the U.S. Air Force they're just now starting to become a reality.
    A new high energy laser weapon and F-16 flight simulator, designed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Theater Aerospace Command Control Simulation Facility at Kirtland Air Force Base, will let pilots test technology that could put the United States far ahead of its enemies.

    The F-16 model is a smaller version of the airborne laser weapon already under development for use on a Boeing 747 for shooting down missiles. It could be ready for use in 2012, but before that happens, pilots will test the system in the simulator to see how useful it is and suggest ways it could be improved to help them in combat.

    "Essentially what we're looking at is that this laser can hit a target at the speed of light, almost instantly compared with the time of flight of a missile, which can take several seconds," said Jono Tyson, a contract employee from Scientific Research Corp. and assistant project manager at the simulation facility. "The laser is also a much more cost-effective weapon versus firing a missile that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Firing the laser will likely only cost a couple hundred dollars."

    This fall, the two Kirtland agencies will attach the system to flight simulators in Arizona at the Fighter Weapons Training Branch. Pilots at the facility will tell the Air Force whether they think the laser is worth further development, said Rudy Martinez, the simulation facility's project manager.

    The laser system is a renewable weapon, another advantage. When missiles fire, they are completely destroyed, but a laser needs only to be recharged before it can fire again, said Rick Garcia, a spokesman at the research lab.

    The high energy laser weighs about 5,000 pounds and can fire on targets up to 10 miles away - a short distance compared with the 40-mile reach of air-to-air missiles. If the pilots like the simulation, scientists at the research lab, which developed the technology, will try to make the weapon smaller and more powerful, so it can fire greater distances and take up less space on an F-16.

    "What we're also trying to figure out now is how long it takes for our laser to take out a target," Tyson said. "It's not like 'Battlestar Galactica,' where you just fire, and they go down. It has to hit the target for a second or two."

    The system can also fire at targets on the ground, such as enemy lines or tank columns, Tyson said.

    To build the simulator, scientists and technicians at the simulation facility added an extra firing button on the pilot's stick and developed extensive software programs that realistically simulate the targeting instrument panel and visual firing of the system on two video screens.

    The one unrealistic thing about the laser is the sound it makes. When fired, the simulator makes a noise that sounds a lot like a "Star Trek" phaser blast. In real life, the laser makes no noise at all.

    "The problem is, pilots don't know when the weapon has fired if it doesn't make a noise," said Suzanne Baker, a software engineer who helped develop the system. "We got the noise for this one from Tactical Air Systems. I think they got it from 'Star Trek' or something, but I'm not sure. You'd think a bunch of nerds like us would know that."

    The system has been fully developed and tested, but it must be adapted for the much more advanced flight simulators in Arizona. Its developers will spend the next several months tweaking it to work on those systems and hope to finish late this year.
    about the Terminator - It's a goddamned movie - it's for entertainment value - if everything in an action movie made sense the "hero" would be dead in about 4 mins, why do 8 trained henchman of the big bad manage to miss the hero with automatic machine guns etc. it goes on and on.

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    as most of my friends put it to me when i ask questions about stuff like you heres what they normally reply:

    ITS JUST A MOVIE!!! lol...annoying but true

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    exactly... i wish for once someone would make a realistic movie

    where the bad guys win, where people have learned to aim guns, where cars dont explode jus cause they have an accident... i mean you can drop a car off a cliff... it wont fuckin explode at the bottom

    in all fairness.. black hawk down is about the most realistic movie there is out there atm

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    what about trainspotting? that accurately represents EVERYBODY in Scotland

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    to be honest, the closest thing to realistic movies is actually life.

    Movies are there to exaggerate things in life.

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    Originally posted by thisiswhoweare@5 August 2003 - 22:55
    to be honest, the closest thing to realistic movies is actually life.

    Movies are there to exaggerate things in life.
    yeah i guess ... tho the way movies generally are atm, they fit in well with a quote i know of (duno who it was said by originally tho)

    'Emphasize everything and you emphasize nothing.'


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    a movie is just the lazy man's book. you use it to escape reality not to see reality some more. why do you think that lord of the rings was so successful or star wars because its not real its unique and original and beyond reality. just to sit there and have a conversation about how unrealistic movies are has got to be the biggest waste of time i have ever heard. you could be watching a movie.

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    It really fucking annoys me when films are just way too unrealistic (if set on Earth, etc). I hate it when people have been shot and STILL manage to use the injured limb or whatever, hardly anyone goes into shock, etc, etc. A film I do like is HEAT this does have some pretty realistic looking and sounding action sequences. I especially like it when during the first robbery the guards POV is silent because his ears are fucked!! And the botched robbery / gun battle is just genius!!

    Oh yeah, and what's with this September the 11th denial in movies?? Those buildings existed so why erase their memory by taking them out of films?? Bloody American weirdos!! It'd be like erasing the Grand Hotel from Quadrophenia ( Not the same thing I know but...).
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    youve caught yourself out there then

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