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Thread: Out of the Loop

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    I have been on torrentleech for as long as i can remember. I want to get up with some other sites of that caliber, but honestly i have been out of the mix, so i need some advice.

    Very interested in any site with more books and literature on IT, and looking for test stuff like testking etc.

    so, whatever i have to do or whatnot to get somewhere, it would be nice to get a hand. i think i have a torrentleech invite and i think i heard something about

    anyway, help is appreciated, even though i have little to offer in return.
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    Your best bet's probably to try and pick up a bitme invite.

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    yea try for one and i think u will suceed

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    I also recommend bitme. I also heard that bitspyder is very good, but I don't know because I'm not the member there.

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    Right on, well if anyone can help me out with an invite to bitme, that would be great.


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