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Thread: Bittorent Upload

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    Im getting upload speeds of 12kb/s and download speeds of 2kb/s and it says there is 52 seeders and 900 leechers. Im using burst! by the way.

    Why am i getting slow download speeds, im got cable and im uploading 6 times as fast, i don't mind uploading as thats whats p2p is about but why the slow download speeds???

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    Lower your upload limit to about 8 Kb/s and see what happens. If your download speeds start to increase then experiment with different upload speeds.

    If that doesn't work, then try a different program.

    Also, make sure your firewall (if you do have one) isn't blocking any of your ports that BT uses.

    oh yea, wait for about 10 mins or so because sometimes BT is odd like that and starts you off slow before really picking up speed.

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    are you sharing on any other network at the same time,a nd what is your upload speed.

    say its 15KBs and your uploading at 12KBs and you have kazaa on going at 3KBs then you have hit your max so you are saturating your download speed as well and the download will go slow.

    your best bet is to set the ul rate in burst to 10KBs (the minimum you can) and stop kazaa or any other sharing your doing for awhile and you will see your download speed increase.

    if this doesnt work, you could always try restartin the torrent in burst or another client and see if that improves things


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    Im not using any other p2p progrma, no firewalls running, just the basic system, with an antivirus running (sophos) and 1 torrent file, so i couldn't think of anything that would be interfering with it.

    Im using the latest version of Burst! (RC3) I looked at the upload speed but i can only lower it to 10kb/s which has helped slightly, its seems to have picked up a little bit but the upload speed is still double of the download 4kb/s download to 9kb/s upload.

    Thanks anyway for suggestions, i'll experiment with other clients.


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