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Thread: Computer Desk Surround Sound

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    I've been looking around the web for ideas on how to add a surround sound system for my computer desk. I'm not just talking about buying the speakers, i want the rear ones behind me as well, but i don't wanna run wires all the way across my room. I was thinking about mounting two speakers behind my computer chair but I imagine the wires would get in the way. Post any ideas you might have or pictures of your setups.

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    Just run the wire around edge of the room. They usually come with long wires, if not you can extend it with any speaker wire...

    If you have a carpeted floor it's easy to hide the wire, just took it in the corner of the floor between the baseboard and the carpet.

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    Yea that was always my last resort. I live in an apartment with a roommate so I didn't want speaker vibrating off the walls. I was mainly just looking for a cool 5.1 computer setup, Searching came up with nothing.

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    You can use speaker stands to put the speakers behind you, but run the cords in the baseboards behind the carpet. Like this:

    Spoiler: Show

    Or you could do this:

    Spoiler: Show

    The FST group

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    Yea i think ill try the movable speaker stand idea, then i can move em to the side of the desk when im done. Thanks for the input.


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