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Thread: Burners

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    What, In everyone's opinion, no fighting, do you guys think is the best software for burning music to cd's?

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    I have had good results with HP & LiteOn CD drives.
    So why in hell did I go and buy a cheap Matshita DVD-R drive?!

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    Try what everyone recommends. Every one of them has some features better than others. Everyones' aptitude varies as well.

    Musicmatch is easy to use, Roxy has a nice friendly GUI, Nero is reliable.

    There are many others.

    So why in hell did I go and buy a cheap Matshita DVD-R drive?!
    What, are you kidding? Matsushita is one of the largest mfg of CD-R drives/parts in the world(Panasonic and Technics are just 2 brands they produce). And for the record, there are 3 companies making 90% of the parts that go into CD-R drives in the world.

    As a person in the repair business, it doesn't matter what brand you buy. It just doesn't matter.

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    Nero 6 Ultra Edition.

    it's more reliable, has a sweet new GUI, and comes with some pretty cool extras like a sound editor, cd label maker, dvd player, drive and cd speed testers and other cool stuff.

    i say go with nero. although, as harrycary said, musicmatch and roxio are pretty good too.

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    Definately NERO. I have used others but have found nero to be the most reliable and compabatible.

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    nero is good and easy cd creator 5


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