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Thread: Copy Dvd

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    trying to copy dvd but it tells me there is an encrypted file, please help?
    how do i copy dvds?

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    You cannot copy a DVD like a floppy. You must first rip (remove copy protection and copy to HD) the DVD with a program like SmartRipper or DVD-Decryptor. Then you need to determine if the DVD is a single or dual layered DVD. If it's a single layered, you can copy the ripped files directly with any burning software to DVD±R/RW. If it's a dual layered DVD (up to 9.4 GB of data) it obviously won't fit on a 4.7GB DVD±R/RW. Goto and/or to learn more about copying dual-layered movies. There are many options but sacrifices must be made such as: removing audio tracks, subtitles, remove extras, shrink video, etc.


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