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Thread: Kazaa Addin In Vb

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    Hi guys im new to kazaa development but have been working with vb for a while now.

    Does anyone have any tips or example code on holw to search for a file in kazaa?

    Any help is good help.

    Ill keep you posted on the addon, it automatically downloads latest chart music.
    Thanks for your time.

    Cheers, Chris Rowe

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    You don't need an add-in for that.

    Just make a program that opens quicklinks in internet explorer, and those will be added to Kazaa Ltie automatically.

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    Do you know the coding for these quicklinks cause ive looked all over the net and forums like this but cannot find any. Im trying to make this standalone without having to have any other extensions installed. Any Ideas?

    Cheers, Chris Rowe

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    Use the K-Sig program to generate QuickLinks based on a file.

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    thats great, but i need to be able to initalise the file download (specifically song download) with simply the Artist Name and Song Title. The quicklinks use hash strings and file sizes which I cannot retrieve. Any ideas on how to get a track started download just with artist and title?

    Or any other methods?


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    how about every time a new song is released you add the sig2dat link on your website and it uses that?
    I have no proggramming knowledge so i dont know if this would work.

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    Hey, thanks for the tip. not a bad idea. its possible, but really impractical. Does anyone have any other ideas.

    I was thinking about finding an online hash database, but have yet to find a reliable one. Anyone know of one?

    Also i was after the source code for K-Sig. It is avalible for download from but when ever i try this i get into a loop of webpage, if anyone can donwload this, or already had this i would be greatfull if you could forward this to me.#
    Thanks in advance.

    Chris Rowe


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