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Thread: Checking The Lounge

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    There hasn't been a post for about 10 minutes, must be some kind of record.

    if it is, then i guess i'm a record-breaker. bu-dum-dum-tsssh!

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    Apr 2003
    I think bo's off looking at some pictures.

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    Proper Bo's Avatar spmado BT Rep: +2
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    Apr 2003
    *groan* EDIT: *groan* at his joke that was you dirty minded little children!
    I think people are scared they might get in trouble

    and for those who didn't get this earlier
    That pic is not being shared AT ALL so don't PM me asking for it

    As long as I've got a face
    You've got a place to sit

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    i second that.

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    Jan 2003
    Must be 1/2 hour without posts now.
    What's the matter?
    You all afraid to post?
    If I didn't get in trouble, you surely won't.
    I think.
    Then again, I still might.


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