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Thread: Ehh Dropped My Hard Drive.. N I Need Some Help Now

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    i was building a new computer yesterday and i had my spare hard drive with me... so i was carrying the case back to my room and i placed the hard drive on top of the case and it slide off and fell from 4 feet to the ground... nothing broke... and i plugged the hard drive back in to see if it would boot and it booted... today i was transfering files from it to my newer hard drive and i saw that it wouldnt read files...

    then i do a system scan and it takes forever and it doesnt really help.... i cant format the drive since it stays at ZERO%..

    itz a 2gb hard drive from segate and the warrantly is long gone... but i need it to install a windows for my father... is there anyway i can erase the drive clean? i havent waited for pass 5 minutes....

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    Um.. Why not just get a cheap 20 or 40 gig HD for like 40 or 30 bucks? =\ since you only need to install windows on it.. just get a cheap HD and plug it in..

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    but hard drives arent that cheap lol..

    a 40gb is like 60 bucks... n i dunt got money...

    note--> im 14... lol...

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    Its summer get a job! Or tell your dad 40 gb for 60 bucks will last you a lifetime.., or try bringing it to a store.. they might fix it for cheaper.. meh ya never know :teehee:

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    2GB is barely worth sweating.
    You can find one on eBay for probably 10$, at that size.
    Just tell him the truth. If he has any sense of PCs or components at all, he won't be too upset.


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    download discwizard from seagate to analyze the disc and you can format/partition copy files with it to. great bit of free software link to page >here

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    alright i'll try using that program... ... at least my hard drive can be read unlike other people's... i was doing a google search and other people couldnt even read there cd...

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    Forget about that old 2 GB drive. Once you dropped it, it sustained physical damage which can't be cured my software. Having it fixed is more expensive than buying a new one! Go to or and look for a new one! That Seagate program won't help you in any way!

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    MadDog-2000 is exactly right. If it dropped 4 feet forget about it. Drives are very sensitive to mechanical shock.

    Fixing a damaged harddrive is not possible. (at least not within any reasonable price range.) It would need to be fixed in a completely dust free environment like this cleanroom:

    As soon as you would open the cover of a harddrive in 'normal' air it would be useless even if it was brand new.

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    well it still seems to work... im thinking of going to command prompt mode n try formatting it... 1/2 files can still be read... and the hard drive spins... anyways i cant find a way to buy a new hard drive since i got no credit card... and if i use my moms she would know...

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