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Thread: monk TV series all seasons?

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    Hi...does anyone know where i can find this? Found only season 5, and some nzb's i found for older seasons are 2 years old.Any help would be greatly apreciated...

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    Attached is Seasons 1 and 4, in XviD/mp3 single episode format.
    All seasons "1-6" have been posted in the same format within the
    last 65 or so days. If this is within your providers retention let me
    know and I will attach the other seasons NZBs

    Season 1 was posted 42 days ago and season 4
    was posted 58 days ago. Other seasons are as
    stated and posted within 65 or so days.

    Ok added the other ones you where missing.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    thank provider is astraweb, it think retention is 120 days


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