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Thread: I need help with my music! (rar. etc)

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    I have been using the jimmyj search to find albums of music off google etc...but when i dl the albums they are encrypted and i need a password to open them and be able to listen to my music

    i have been looking for a rar recovery password tool that is free but i cant find anything...

    can anyone help me out? thx for any help!

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    The obvious answer is, get rid of the jimmyj search engine . If it's giving you links without the requisite password, it's shit .
    Go to the source, where the passwords are listed alongside the links . Join some music forums & warez boards, visit some music blogs .
    I've used several search engines as a last resort & have never had such password hassle . Sure you're not doing something wrong?

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    If it's made with a recent version of WinRAR and the password is not very short or in the dictionary, you won't be able to crack it - at least not in a reasonable amount of time.


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