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Thread: Need help with music files

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    posted in software because i thought i might need some type of software to crack my rar codes. I have been using the jimmyj search to find albums of music off google etc...but when i dl the albums they are encrypted and i need a password to open them and be able to listen to my music

    i have been looking for a rar recovery password tool that is free but i cant find anything...

    can anyone help me out? thx for any help!

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    It's mp3's in RAR files? if i remember well, jimmyr's google thing looked only for mp3 files.

    And if the mp3 is encrypted, then its DRM, and i think there's not much you can do with that.

    Just get another way of downloading music. Either go in the bittorrent section and try getting invites to what/waffle/libble/stm, or just use p2p programs like bearshare.

    Rar password cracking is most of the time a waste of time :\, you never know how many characters the password is, and if the person used uppercase & special chars or not. If it's anything over 6-7 digits, you will be wasting your time for nothing.

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    I assume you downloaded this file from a file hosting site (ie. rapidshare or megaupload). My advice would be too google the file code to try and find a page with the password. For example, you may have one of the fillowing url's. Google the underlined codes and hope you get some hits.



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    download 4 sites like sounddamage etc


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